Birthday Parties and More

We are currently booked through July 21st - Reserve your party time now!

We would love to host your child’s Birthday Party here at LGA!

Available dates & times are on the calendar here

Leave your decorations, refreshments and supplies at the front desk upon arrival and enjoy yourself as we set-up, host, and clean-up at the end. We will lead the birthday song, cut and serve cake, and record a gift list for you. We offer a refrigerator/freezer for your use in the party room.

$180 for up to 18 kids, $10 per extra child. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of your reservation, with the remaining balance due at the end of the party. $50 discount for active LGA members ( currently enrolled in a class/team).

Parents are allowed on the gym floor, but may not use the equipment for liability reasons. Anyone under the age of 18 on the gym floor must have a parent/guardian sign for them and they will count towards the total number of participants.

**Please check our FAQs below for more information about our birthday parties.**

LGA Party Pro suggestions:

  • Group games – hide & seek in the dark or a piñata are a good transition between the gym and the party room.
  • Have a simple treat – fruit snacks, m&m’s, individual wrap snack mix will keep hungry children occupied while the cake is being cut and passed out.
  • Larger parties might consider single serving refreshments for the time constraints. Cupcakes, juice boxes, ad ice cream cups rather than cutting 20 pieces of cake, pouring 20 drinks, and scooping out 20 servings of ice cream! Just an easier option for everyone!
  • Bringing small gift bags will help children understand the party is over.
  • A case of bottled water will be appreciated by the parents of your guests.

Birthday FAQs

What to know before booking your party:

Are adults allowed on the equipment?

Absolutely no one over the age of 18 may get on the equipment except to assist a child in an emergency. 

How long are LGA parties?

90 minutes total. One hour of play time, 30 minutes in the party room. 

Do we have the gym to ourselves?

Yes, only your group will be in the play area during your first hour. Only your group will be in the party room for your remaining 30 minutes.

Do we have the entire facility to ourselves?

No, we cycle parties through our building. When you arrive, there will be a group finishing their playtime and heading into the party room. At the end of your playtime, a new group will be arriving. We try to make movement through the building clear and efficient, please be respectful of other party’s allotted times to use their space.

Can we book a longer party?

You are welcome to book two adjoining time-slots for a 2.5 hour party. You would have anywhere between 60-120 minutes to use the gym, with the remaining time in the party room.

What is the price?

$180 for up to 18 children. Additional guests are $10 each. A $50 deposit will be charged to your credit card when you book your party. 

When is the remaining balance due?

Remaining balance of $130 plus any additional guest fee is due upon completion of your party. We would prefer to charge the card on file that you made your deposit with, but can take a different card or cash (no checks) at the front desk.

I have to cancel my party, is the deposit refundable?

More than one month’s notice: Yes.

Less than one month’s notice: We will open your time slot back up; if someone else books it, we would be happy to refund your deposit.  

Can I reschedule my party and transfer the deposit?

More than one month’s notice: Yes.

Less than one month’s notice: We will open your original time slot back up; if someone else books it, we would be happy to transfer your deposit to your new timeslot.

Who counts towards the 18 included guests?

Any child age 2 – 18, that goes onto the gym floor, must be signed in by a guardian, and will count towards the number of guests. No one over the age of 18 will be counted towards the number of guests, but we would prefer you limit extra adults beyond the birthday child’s grandparents.

Do all parents need to fill out a waiver prior to the party?

Our liability waiver is a quick sign-in sheet at the front counter. Having a guardian come inside for each child prevents miscommunication. 

Do parents need to stay at LGA during the party?

Children under 5 years old must have an adult actively watching them in the gym. Older children, that are comfortable with their parent leaving, may be dropped off, but still must have an adult enter the building and sign for them.

How many guests can we invite?

We can seat up to 30 children at a table in our party room, but we have 42 chairs total in there. Please consider the amount of parents that might stay when making your guest list. Keeping it to 18 children will guarantee a smooth, enjoyable experience.

Yay, you’ve booked your birthday party at LGA! 

What to know before you arrive:

Are adults allowed on the equipment? 

NO. Absolutely no one over the age of 18 may get on the equipment except to assist a child in an emergency.

How early can I arrive?

5 minutes is ideal. No more than 10. With space constraints in regard to the way we move groups through our building, you might have to wait outside if you show up too early.

What do we do when we arrive?

Drop your party supplies off at the front desk. sign in your children on the liability waiver, and head upstairs. To prevent lobby congestion and confusion, please allow us to greet your guests and direct them upstairs to you.

What does LGA supply for the party room

We can supply seating , a roll-out blue plastic plastic tablecloth, lighter for the candles, and serving utensils. For our safety, please do not bring your own knife. We have minimal decorations that stay up permanently.

When do I set up the party room

You don’t! Relax and let us handle set-up, our employees will put the room together during play time, and check with you after we finish to make sure it is to your liking.

What should I bring for the party room?

Not alcohol. Other than that, we’ve seen the simplest to the most elaborate. However, our staff has 30 minutes to turn over the party room between groups. We will get refreshments ready first, then move to your decorations. We usually have plenty of time to spare.


Great idea, especially for a lunch of dinner time party. Don’t make the mistake of getting it delivered right when your party starts or it will sit for an hour getting cold.

Do you have a refrigerator/freezer?

Yes, save yourself the trouble of packing the cooler. Drinks and ice cream can be kept cold during the hour the kids play in the gym.

Can we bring a pinata?

Yes! Pinatas and other group games are a great transition from play time to the party room. 


Open Gyms

Open Gym is a supervised play time to work on skills or just hang with friends. See the schedule below to find out which times are best for you. Age limits are enforced for safety.
Children under 5 years of age must have an adult on the gym floor with them. A parent or an adult must come in with your child(ren) and sign the release form.  No child will be allowed in without an adult’s signature.  LGA reserves the right to close Open Gym when it is full.
Preschool (Under 6 years old)
Free for members, $5 public
*Summer Hours*
Every Weekday 10:00 am - 11:00 am
School Age (Under 12 years old)
$5 members, $10 public
Saturday 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
Adult (Over 15 years old) $5
Tuesday: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

*LGA is not responsible for personal belongings

Field Trips

 LGA is the perfect location for church and youth groups to host exciting gatherings and parties.  We can accommodate groups of 20 or more children for games, obstacle courses, play time in the gym or movies in the gym.  LGA can fully staff the occasion or you can provide adult assistant supervisors.
For more information, please call us at (785) 865-0856 and ask for Randy.

Activities We Offer

Field Trips
Church Groups
Scout Outings
Private Parties
Basic Information:
Signed waivers are required for all participants!
All LGA staff members are trained and qualified.
Our ratio is 20:1 for Field trips.
Groups including ages 13 and under require one adult volunteer per 25 children.
Special Activities:
If you have a special requests for activities you might like at your Field trip, please don’t hesitate to ask! Let your contact person know in advance.
Other Amenities:
Food and drink are not provided by LGA. There is a kitchen/eating area where food and drink can be enjoyed. All food and drink are strictly restricted to this area. Kindly dispose of all trash.