What is gymnastics?

Gymnastics is flips, handstands, leaps, jumps, handsprings, cartwheels.  But most of all GYMNASTICS IS FUN!

Gymnastics is tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, vaulting and trampoline (for girls); tumbling, rings, parallel bars, horizontal bar, pommel horse, vaulting and trampoline (for boys).

Gymnastics is the basis for all sports.

Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics develops speed, strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, and grace. It also teaches poise, courage, coordination, dedicated effort, and concentration.

Gymnastics training lays a solid foundation for future participation in all sports.

Kids learn perseverance because we teach kids to get up and try again each time they fall down.

Most importantly it develops a positive attitude toward learning because the children experience success and learn that physical action is fun.

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