Team Coaches

Tyler Smith, Girls Team Director – Head Coach USAG Levels 3-10

Riley Six, Girls Team Coach – USAG Levels 3-10

Lauren Schoenly, Girls Team Coach – Nickel, USAG Xcel Bronze & Platinum

Talia Gay, Girls Team Head Coach – USAG Xcel Silver

Maya Huang, Girls Team Assistant Coach – USAG Xcel Silver

Anushka Ganesh, Girls Head Coach – USAG Xcel Gold, Girls Assistant Coach Nickel & Xcel Silver 

Zoe Manz, Girls Team Assistant Coach – USAG Xcel Bronze

Maya Day, Girls Team Assistant Coach – USAG Xcel Platinum

Molly Wackerly, Girls Team Assistant Coach – USAG Xcel Silver & Platinum


          Rec and Preschool Coaches    

Randy Laggart, Boys Rec Director 

Andrew Heyer, Boys Rec Coach

Monica Kimmel, Girls Rec Director – Coach

Talia Gay, Rec Coach

Gabi Loustau,  Rec Coach

Molly Bishop, Rec Coach/Tumbling Coach

Jenna McClain, Rec Coach

Molly Wackerly, Rec Coach

Kylie Voss, Preschool Director – Coach

Lauren Unverzagt, Preschool Coach

Daniela Reyes, Preschool Coach

Paula Padilla-Macias, Preschool Coach

Madi Prideaux, Preschool Coach



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Current Families

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