Tumbling & Trampoline Class Descriptions


Beginning Tumbling (55 min)-This class focuses on strengthening various basic tumbling skills. Walkovers, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs are introduced and broken down into progression. The athlete will also be working drills and exercises that provide a foundation for back handsprings and front handsprings.

Intermediate Tumbling/ Back Handspring Class (55 min)- This class is for athletes who have mastered handstands, back and front walkover and are close to back handsprings. The athlete will be working towards performing back and front handsprings by themselves, working a round off back handspring and starting drills into tucks and layouts and aerials.

Advanced Tumbling (55 min) – This class focuses on correct technical execution of higher level skills. It is great for athletes who have mastered back handspring and are working towards series, tucks, layouts and twisting layouts in a safe environment. Athletes will be working on elite standing tumbling. This class would be ideal for members of cheer squads, high school or all star squads. Standing back handspring and round off back handspring are prerequisites for this class.